Easy 10 min

Artichoke bruschetta

Check out this recipe creation using Regina Molisana Artichokes and Pesto Genovese. The beautiful blend of flavours on top of a crunchy Bruschetta will leave you wanting more, making them a perfect appetizer or simple snack. Try it today!

Products used for this recipe


Regina Molisana Artichokes
Regina Molisana Genovese Pesto
Colavita Premium EVOO
Vita Sana Bruschetta


To make the delicious and fresh topping slightly chop our Regina Molisana Artichokes and place them in a bowl. Add some of the Regina Molisana Genovese Pesto with a touch of Colavita Premium EVOO. Mix well and spoon the mixed topping on to the Bruschetta and top with pinch of pesto and oregano.
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