Easy 10 min

Gran biscotto over easy avocado toast

The best way to start the day is with Rovagnati Gran biscotto, Italy's #1 cooked prosciutto! Place our delicious lactose and gluten free gran biscotto on toasted, crunchy bread with soft avocado, and top it with an "over easy" egg ​​​​​​. Garnish with some grated lemon peel and there you have an easy, delicious and healthy breakfast to enjoy!

Products used for this recipe


Rovagnati gran biscotto
toasted, crunchy bread
soft avocado,
"over easy" egg
lemon peel


Toast slices bread until crunchy.
on a stove top skillet, heat oil on a pan on medium. crack egg and cook egg over easy by adding water water and covering eith lid.
Spread avocado on toast and place gran biscotto on top.
Place egg on top and zest lemon peel.
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