Acqua di Fiuggi – The Fountain of Youth?

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May 10, 2017

Have you ever had Fiuggi water? If so, you probably know that it is special. It is known for its healing properties. But here are some things you might not know about Fiuggi!

Fiuggi is the name of a town in central Italy. Most spring waters are named for their source, so this might not surprise you! But the town certainly has more than just the spring. The springs are in new Fiuggi, Fiuggi Fonte – the base of the hill. The upper part of is home to a medieval fortified village, known to the locals as Fiuggi Citta. You might want to visit the Palazzo Falconi, or the cast iron fountain in Piazza Piave, or even the tiny church of Santa Maria del Colle… There are a lot of different sights to see, and there is no worry for traffic as you get around by foot! There are lots of stairs and winding cobblestone paths. It is truly an old-fashioned town.

Fiuggi has a yearly celebration on February 2nd, the feast of stuzze. Stuzze is a unique festival, based around a legend dating back to 1298. The town was set to be ransacked by enemies, but St Blaise is said to have started a fire in the town that tricked the enemies into thinking the town was already razed. Every year from sunset until late at night, the people of Fiuggi burn bonfires and wooden pyramids to remember the event.

As you know, the big draw to Fiuggi is their water! The large and abundant spring at the bottom of the hill boasts clean, pure water. It is used in many spas around. The water flows down from the Ernici mountains, where no humans have disturbed it, through volcanic deposits that add special minerals and flavour. This water has been renowned as early as the 14th century, when Pope Boniface VIII claimed the spring water had removed his kidney stones. Michelangelo also was cured of kidney stones by Fiuggi water. Soon, it was being sent in bottles to all of Europe’s royalty. Even today, people swear by these healing waters. The Italian National Health Institute has accredited the water and medical studies have been performed and published in Italy about it as well. The evidence suggests the ogliomineral water is beneficial for dissolving kidney stones as well as improving kidney function.

Whether you need to detox or you just like the clean, refreshing taste of spring water, Acqua di Fiuggi is a wonderful natural water. It even comes in sparkling, if you need a little help with digestion or if you just enjoy bubbles.

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