Colomba di Pasqua – Easter Cake

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April 7, 2017

A sure sign of spring is the return of the colomba di Pasqua! This dove-shaped cake is an Italian tradition for Easter celebrations, much like pandoro and panettone are for Christmas. With Easter right around the corner, you’re sure to have seen one! As with other traditional Italian specialty cakes, the colomba uses a natural yeast that takes more than a day to rise. Traditionally the cake is topped with pearl sugar and almonds before baking, which creates a delicious crust with just a bit of crunch!

This cake is similar to panettone, as it is filled with candied fruit and raisins as well. It is also similar to other Easter breads, like hot cross buns, that you may have seen more frequently in Canada. The dove is often said to symbolize peace, and might also have symbolized the Holy Ghost at one point. The history of this bread goes back very far, and people generally can only agree it was created in Milan.

The usual way to enjoy this cake is at Easter brunch! It also goes well as dessert after dinner, and can double as a breakfast with a black coffee or espresso to balance the sweetness. Sometimes people top the colomba with chocolate or fresh fruit, or apply jams or other spreads to the cake. It has its own distinct flavour because of its dough and yeast, and has a lovely fluffy texture thanks to its proofing process. It pairs well with other things, but it is yummy on its own as well.

If you’ve never tried a colomba di Pasqua before, you should definitely have one this Easter – maybe the dove will become your new tradition! You can easily find the traditional colomba in grocery stores, and if you are brave enough, maybe you want to try to make your own? Either way, it’s sure to be delicious!

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