March – In Like a Lamb?

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March 1, 2017

March is finally here, and everyone’s excited for it to be spring! The weather this year has been unusual through February, but March is known for its extremes of weather. The saying goes, “in like a lion, out like a lamb” – most people expect March to start and end on polar opposite weather! This year, it seems to be a gentle start into spring weather. We can only hope it stays this way, but in Canada we know better than to expect no more snow.

When the weather is hard to predict, it’s hard to tell what’s best for dinner! A hot meal is always a good choice, of course, but some days it’s just not soup or roast weather. Pasta is a favourite for all times of year, as the filling noodles satisfy your hunger and the sauce can be changed to suit your mood! When it’s cold, a thick, cheesy, creamy sauce would be perfect to comfort you, and when you feel like a refreshing light spring meal, you could do a simple aglio e olio! That’s just garlic and olive oil coating your noodles, rich in flavour but surprisingly light.

To add to spring meals, there’s a lot of fresh in-season produce coming! That makes it even easier to get your veggies in, as in-season produce is always a hit. Artichokes are a hit in hot dips and soups, and other aromatic vegetables could add to your stews and sauces. It’s great to use seasonal ingredients to really appreciate the time of year!

While we have yet to see if March will leave like a lion, as the saying goes, we can look forward to the weather moving towards spring. There might be rain and snowstorms now, but at least the warm weather is on the horizon. Soon we’ll be discussing barbeques and picnics!

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