Picnic Like an Italian

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May 9, 2018

Now that the cold weather has finally left us, Canadians are looking for excuses to be outside. One of the greatest ways to spend time out in the nice weather is to have a picnic! Picnics are enjoyed all over the world, but you could argue that Italians have perfected the art of dining outdoors. While we might not have the scenic rolling hills of Tuscany, we have some tips to bring your picnicking up to the next level.

When you pick your location, opt for somewhere a little bit out of the way – that way you and your guests can have some peace and quiet. If you have access to a large back yard, that might just be ideal! If you have a table set up, make sure to dress it in crisp linens. If you don’t, a picnic blanket will do! Just make sure that you have a tarp in case the grass is damp. This way you can stay dry and comfortable on your blanket. You can also spread out linens to serve your food, provided the ground is flat enough.

To give your picnic the real, chic Italian feel, opt for real picnic ware – this will not only make the whole picnic more instagrammable, it’s reusable and sustainable! We all know that wine tastes best out of a glass, but disposable paper cups and plates can work in a pinch too. If you have a lot of people, it’s not always an option to bring that many plates after all!

The most important part is the food, of course! There are a lot of different foods one could bring to a picnic. For appetizers and finger foods, Italians would bring:

  • a selection of cheeses, aged or soft
  • charcuterie, especially cured meat like prosciutto
  • olives and marinated vegetables such as sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers
  • cut vegetables with a dip
  • Italian bread or focaccia with paté or spread

Italian picnics are usually centered around the food, so plan to have cold dishes to add substance and make it more of a meal. These can be salads, quiches, stuffed vegetables and more. Below we have a few different recipes we feel could work very well for picnics!

Recipes to make any picnic great:

Spring Pea Salad

Zucchini Salad with Spicy Dressing

Artichoke and Spinach Dip

The best way to finish any meal is with sweet, seasonal fruit. In spring and summer there are so many kinds to choose from! Melons, figs, and pears are common for Italians but anything in season will do, and you can even make a delicious fruit salad combining all your favourites.

Of course, wine is big in Italy as well. A glass of properly paired wine can bring out the best in your food. In the summer, Italians opt for Chianti, Rosé, or a sparkling wine like Prosecco. Keep the wine chilled and in the shade for the best taste and for it to be the most refreshing in warm weather.

Even if you can’t go to Italy, try a little Italian-style picnic this season. It could be like a mini vacation.

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