Thanksgiving Dishes to Change Up Your Holiday Meal

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October 6, 2017

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, and everyone is grabbing up their turkeys. Fall has been warm and lovely so far, so it’s bound to be a beautiful weekend to get together with your family. The weekend is almost here, but you still have time to change the menu. In case you wanted to try some new sides along with your classics, or you felt like tossing the tradition out the window, here are some fall recipes to try!

Thanksgiving Appetizers

That turkey can take an awful long time to cook, so make sure your guests have something to nibble on! A seasonally appropriate choice would be the stuffed acorn squash – full of autumn flavour and filling enough for everyone to enjoy. It might be a bit filling, so perhaps serve this at the table before the main dish. This zucchini crostata recipe also goes well as an appetizer – and it is easy to cut up into bite size pieces! Everyone will be out of the cook’s hair while they enjoy these delicious appetizers. Here are some other choices from our recipes!


Some families like to ditch turkey and make pasta for the holiday, but you don’t have to stick to lasagne and spaghetti. To keep with the fall mood and the harvest theme of Thanksgiving, root vegetables and squash lend themselves well to pasta! Here is a recipe for a blended carrot sauce – roasted carrots have an earthy, sweet taste, bringing warmth to a chilly fall day. It works well for a large amount of pasta as well, so everyone can have some!

We all know about PSL – the famed Pumpkin Spice Latte. Its yearly arrival marks the start of fall, and the season just isn’t complete to some without it. But why not try this: Pumpkin Spice Pasta. The recipe calls for delicata squash, but you can be certain the pumpkin spice flavour isn’t slacking in this recipe. A rich, thick sauce like this is sure to please everyone, and keep them feeling warm.


For those who prefer to have turkey but want to try different sides, there are a lot of options! If the weather is to turn a bit chilly, you can never go wrong with a nice soup. We have a recipe for a rosemary and potato soup, which is a bit wintry, but absolutely delicious, setting the tone for a great party! A few of the appetizers above would also make for a good side, especially the squash.


Lidia’s Kitchen has a lot of delicious Italian desserts! Colavita has recently posted their Italian Apple Cake recipe, and it is sure to be a hit. The classic pumpkin pie can never go wrong here, though. Everyone is a fan of pumpkin pie, on Thanksgiving or any other day!

On behalf of everyone at Molisana Imports, we hope you have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.

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